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The Alchemy of Pottery

I began pottery as a form of Art Therapy.  Immediately I began dreaming about pottery and, 4 years later, I still dream of it nearly every night.  I have so many ideas flowing through my brain that I struggle to keep up - I jot ideas in notebooks, sketch them on napkins and bore my family talking of them.  My ideas for my pieces are influenced by both my natural surroundings and socio-political issues.  Birds and trees find their way into much of what I do as do the roles of women in society, religion and the environment.

At its simplest, Pottery is a blending of Earth, Water, Air and Fire.  Yet delve into its detail and Pottery is about Physics, Engineering, Chemistry and Thermodynamics.  A potter learns quickly that the Devil truly is in the details.  One can have all their “detail ducks” in the proverbial “row” and a distressingly large percentage of pots will nonetheless emerge from the kiln having failed in some manner.  Pots will crack, slump, warp and even explode.  If you avoid these issues you may still find that your glazes have gone in a direction you did not anticipate.  Mixed in with these times are firings when you retrieve a nice pot, nothing spectacular, just a serviceable piece. 

Fortunately, there are also occasions, where you open the kiln door and a magical process of transformation has occurred; your pot has become a wonderful piece of art.   I have begun to think of this as the Alchemy of Pottery. 

Edie joined the Valley Artisans' Coop in May, 2017.



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