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I was born in Saskatchewan and raised on Peepeekisis First Nation. I am of Cree, Saulteux and German descent. I hail from a diverse family of creative artists. My family includes Pow Wow dancers, painters, sculptors, actors, poets and writers. As you can
tell I had many mentors and influences that have shaped my creative work today. My parents and extended family were groundbreaking leaders both politically and business wise in our community. My father was one of the first community members to open a
family owned business on Peepeekisis.

Many of the men in our family were veterans and served in both WW1 and WW11. Both my father and other close cousins served as peacekeepers. My son and daughter in law are active members of the Canadian Forces and are stationed in Petawawa.

My background is diverse and has included working in the human service field for twenty one years. I worked in Corrections (Justice), Family Work and prevention services with families. I was a foster parent before I semi-retired.

My background in art began early as a hobby and therapy for myself. Although I didn't have a formal schooling artistically, I always created on some level whether painting, drawing or doodling. I began to take it more seriously in the last few years and began showing my paintings in coffee venues in Saskatchewan. My work is mainly acrylic painting. My work pays homage to my spiritual journey and my cultural background.

You will see feathers and bold colours which reflect the influence of the First Nations culture with its bold colours and focus on spirituality. My work is always in honour of my Creator who has given me this gift to bless people.


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