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Master soapmaker, Corinne, has 'raised the bar!'

Corinne started writing in her mom’s cookbooks and trying recipes when she was only six. She has an extensive background in cooking, fudge making and is a qualified florist. She spent many years both in the floral industry and in the restaurant industry. Consequently, she is no stranger to the chemistry of plants and food. Her passion for soapmaking brings together her love of flowers, plants and cooking. As she explains, “making soap is much like cooking and requires the effective blending of top quality ingredients and to consistenly get the right balance.” After taking numerous courses in soapmaking in various parts of Canada, she carefully selected and refined every recipe for her soaps and body products to create the one-of-a-kind, “skin-loving wonders” that she is so proud of.

Being able to offer these extraordinary products to both new and existing valued customers fuels Corinne’s entrepreneurial spirit. She encourages each one of you to engage in regaining your skin’s terrain and natural flora by lathering yourself with her 100% natural handcrafted soap and soaking up her ultra-nourishing skincare creations. Not only will they appeal to your senses – they will leave your skin soft, clean, healthy and naturally nourished.

For nurturing the mind, body & spirit, Corinne uses 100% pure essential oils in her Aromatherapy and Pure Soy Candles. She invites you to try these and indulge your soul! 

In summary, what Corinne does at The Savvy Soaperie goes much further than skin deep. It’s about contributing to your total health, reducing the amount of harsh chemicals being absorbed by your skin and entering your entire body. It’s about treating your skin and the Earth equally well! When we don’t use harmful chemicals on our bodies, they don’t get into our skin, our water, our streams, our rivers and our lakes. Together we can be healthier and we can make a difference!


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