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The Valley Artisans’ Co-operative is looking for new members! During the past few months some of our long-term members have opted to retire to pursue other interests. We are limited by space and our articles of incorporation to the number of members we may have at any time. For the first time in many years, we have opportunities available for fine artisans to join our ranks.  Individuals who produce high quality fine art and fine crafts within our Ottawa Valley area are welcome to apply for membership.

Being part of a co-operative involves working together for common goals. Within an artisans’ co-operative such as ours, these common goals will include helping to present and sell work professionally in the Co-op Gallery Store & Pop-up Shops. offering educational presentations on our creative methods through public demonstrations, and participating in Co-op operation by attending meetings, serving on committees, and working shifts in our Co-op Gallery Store

Our search for new members is not limited, but we hope to find individuals producing work in the following fine craft areas of jewelry, beeswax candles, toys, hats, weaving, hand knitted goods, metal work, clothing, pet products, hand painted glass and china, handmade soaps, and iron work. 

If you are a producer of fine art or fine craft work, and are interested in applying for membership, you can:

- download an application for membership from our website

- stop by our Gallery Store at 33373 Hwy17, Deep River, ON

- email us at [email protected]

- call the store at 613-584-4483 and leave your name with the artisan on duty. A representative of the Co-op will be in touch with you.

Do you know someone who might be interested?
Please share a link to this page or download our call for new members.


The Valley Artisans' Co-op was established in 1987 and remains one of the finest gift and souvenir shops in the Valley. Please note that because our work is 'one of a kind', photographs displayed on our website provide examples of each artists work, but may not be available for purchase.
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