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In the Deep River area, and with the Valley Artisans’ Co-op, I have a tremendous opportunity to pursue an art form called GLASS FUSION.

Glass fusion work is a few thousands of years old, and intricate works have been documented since approximately 1500 B.C. - from functional items such as bowls, to beautiful jewelry and wall tiles. Glass blowing seems to have dwarfed the works of glass fusion artists for hundreds of years, but fusion work is now enjoying a “rebirth” of a sorts.

Any type of glass can be fused, and today, there are many beautiful colours of specialty, fusion glass with good, predictable qualities. I work with glass, glass stringers, glass frit and glass powders. Possible designs and patterns are limited only by the imagination. When a design and colours are determined and cut, the work goes into a kiln similar to a potter’s kiln, and the work is fired to 1300 - 2500º F to melt the glass and fuse it together. The colours and designs are permanent. They also have softer lines that are delightfully smooth to the eye and the touch. One feels compelled to run their fingers over the glass.

Glass fusion, for me, will be a lifetime of trying new designs, techniques, temperatures and colour combinations. Custom work and requests offer a focus for this pursuit – Contact me!

I am constantly trying to learn different aspects of glasswork. Courses take to date include:
2007 - Advanced Fused Bowl and Design Elements (given by Patty Gray)
2008 - Mosaics, Tryptych work, pattern bars, combing, pot melts, cold work (i.e. polishing), pyramids, bas relief (given by Patty Gray)
2008 - Dichroic Jewelry (given by Katrina Covello)
2008 - Faceted Dichroic Sculpture (given by Kent Lauer)
2010 - Frit Casting (given by Jane Persico)
2012 - Create More Realistic Fused Glass Pictures (given by Janet Schrader)
2012 - Triage for Your Firing Schedules (given by Lisa-Richardson-Bach)
2012 - Verre Eglomise (given by Peggy Pettigrew-Stewart)

I have also entered the following juried shows:
2003 - Valley Arts Council Juried Art Show and won first and second prizes in 2 categories.
2003 - Glass Art Association of Canada (in Toronto) - Fabled Footwear Glass Slipper Exhibition - had my entry (among many others) chosen to be placed in the window of the Bata Shoe Museum on display
2005 - Juried Multii-Media Art Show and Sale - Library Arts Committee and won first and third prizes in 2 categories

I have designed and prepared the awards for a several years for the Rotary Club's annual Community Service Awards as well as the Silver Spoon Ski Race and orienteering competitions.



The Valley Artisans' Co-op was established in 1987 and remains one of the finest gift and souvenir shops in the Valley. Please note that because our work is 'one of a kind', photographs displayed on our website provide examples of each artists work, but may not be available for purchase.
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