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Heidi works in the medium of enamel, the fusion of vitreous glass to metal, using a variety of techniques such as champlevé and cloisonné, and fired in a kiln up to 1600 degrees.  The infinite possibilities and sometimes surprising results experienced through the enamelling process intrigued her from her initial foray into the medium.  She uses both copper, fine silver and sterling silver in her pieces, often incorporating gold accents and detail.  Regardless of her medium, Heidi strikes a balance between boldness and eclectic delicacy in her work. 

Heidi’s exposure to art began at an early age, through her mother’s oil paintings and batiks, and the magnificence of her surroundings, growing up on the shores of the Ottawa River, with a backdrop of majestic pine trees and the Laurentian Hills.

As a child she was drawn to the different and varied cultures around her.  This fascination with the beauty of diversity, its colours, textures and possibilities led her to the art of enamelling and metalwork.

The inspiration for her work comes from a variety of sources – her seafaring father, her travels abroad to such places as Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil and Holland, and the many artists whose work she admires both past and present: Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Seraphine “de Senlis” Louis, and Erica Steiner.

“My motivation comes from a family philosophy of what can be achieved through curiosity, experimentation and an open mind.”  Heidi works in her home studio in Peterborough, Ontario.

“Everything is so infinitely simple, so infinitely beautiful” 
~ Friedensreich Hundertwasser



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