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Laura is first and foremost a fibre artist who uses ice and sun to create one of a kind scarves, home decor and greeting cards.
Using heliographic paints/ dyes, she captures the beauty of her garden’s botanicals in all her pieces and draws attention to the intricate details of every leaf, flower and seed as it was created in nature.

Her sun dyeing is showcased in one of kind 100% silk scarves, cotton home decor and special occasion cards.  Sun dyeing requires perfect weather conditions of a hot, cloudless, and still day when each piece is fashioned individually with the botanicals blooming during that particular season.

During the winter months Laura turns to the special process of ice and snow dyeing to create uniquely dyed scarves that are impossible to duplicate. Ice dyeing is a 7 step process that is done over a 48 hour period.

Recently Laura has started to make jewellery to perfectly match the many colours in her scarves.  Using beads, charms and crystals, she fashions scarf rings and bales to hold her scarves  for a finished, accessorized look.

New to The Living Canvas line is Artist Tiles.  Working with Alcohol Inks and sealers, Laura has started to create abstract art on ceramic tiles. Fashioned for use as coasters and trivets, each piece is a unique and individual image that, once finished and sealed, cannot be recreated.

In a world of mass produced items, Laura is proud to be able to create one of a kind, unique pieces in all the different mediums she uses.  Her work is held in national and international private collections.


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