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I was born and raised in the upper Ottawa Valley in the community of Deep River. My parents taught my sister, my brothers and I, the beauty of nature, the outdoors. We were encouraged to explore, enjoy and always respect the natural wonders we found. Sunday afternoons were spent wandering about in the forestry to our delight. So much to see and explore!

My Father, an avid photographer all his life, encouraged us to take pictures. We all had our own camera by the time we were 10 years old. I’ve always had a camera or 2 or 3, and at various times in my life avidly shot outdoor images of wild life and scenic views, at other times, just snapshots of family and friends.

I enjoy being outside and seeing what nature has to offer. In the winter I cross country ski and in summer either walking the trails or paddle on the lakes and rivers found nearby. It’s always a good way to spend the day.

My first career was in the television industry where I worked in production, both of shows and of commercials. I learned a lot about lighting and live camera movement. Producing commercials taught me of how to make a fluid story in 30 seconds.

My second career is with computers and their operation. When digital cameras became available I found I could marry the two art forms, Photography and Computers. The images I produce are captured with a digital camera and then touched in the digital darkroom using some of the techniques used by traditional film darkroom photographers.

Images are available in both framed prints and as cards that may be mailed to friends and loved ones. The framed images are printed with archival quality inks on acid free papers and framed with acid free matte board. They will last much longer than you or me.

George's photograph "Shift Change" provided inspiration for Katja Fritzsche's silk scarf "Shift Change".


The Valley Artisans' Co-op was established in 1987 and remains one of the finest gift and souvenir shops in the Valley. Please note that because our work is 'one of a kind', photographs displayed on our website provide examples of each artists work, but may not be available for purchase.
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